Welcome to Bifrost

We are a group of investment experts, software developers and entrepreneurs with the shared goal of improving the financial world.

Dino Ubatuba

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dino has 12 years of experience as a wealth manager and as a partner in several companies. He leads the business team within Bifrost.

Viktor Torstenius

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

With experience from working with occupational pensions at Avanza Bank in Sweden, Viktor acquired a will to go further into finance. This led him to University of Glasgow and the bachelor in accountancy and finance that he is currently undertaking.

Andreas Pogiatzis

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Andreas has extensive experience and knowledge in programming and building technology solutions for start-ups. He brings tech expertise and an entrepreneurial background to his leadership role at Bifrost.

Lorenzo Berg

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Lorenzo has 10 years of experience in Private Equity, Investment Banking (M&A) and in Investment Management for family offices.

Martina Lofqvist

Co-Founder, Technology Developer

Having professional experience as an IT analyst, financial accountant, and business developer, Martina helps the company on various fronts. She focuses primarily on the development of Bifrost’s platform and website.

Zoe Balek

Co-Founder, Business Analyst

Zoe has work experience from Deloitte in tech consulting and audit services from KPMG. She graduated from the University of Glasgow with the Honours of the First Class from Accounting with Finance and is currently working towards a postgraduate degree.

Our Story

Bifröst Wealth Limited was founded by seven students at the University of Glasgow who aimed to simplify and modernize the wealth management industry. Our diverse team combines professional experience in technology, finance, marketing, and product development. Bifröst was incorporated in May 2018 as a private limited company under the name Bifrost Wealth Limited.

Our mission is to provide a platform which connects investors and wealth managers and fosters meaningful relationships through intelligent, data-driven matching algorithms. Bifröst emphasizes the human aspect of financial advising by personalizing wealth management solutions. Our two-prong solution provides investors with an affordable service while offering wealth managers the opportunity to expand their client pool.

We currently operate in the UK, and aim to expand globally, becoming the preferred choice for investors and wealth managers alike