The Basement Incubator


We at Bifrost want to share with you some exciting news about our recent acceptance into a startup incubator. The Basement at UCSD provides a community for startups to further develop their businesses with the help of resources and valuable connections. 

By Martina, co-founder of Bifrost - Dec 3 2018

Martina, The Basement Incubator

One of our co-founders, Martina Lofqvist (seen in the far right in the picture above), recently got Bifrost into an accelerator program at the University of California, San Diego. The Basement is a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. They offer a range of different programs, including the Seeker, the Incubator, and the Accelerator tracks for student startups. These programs provide access to various resources, mentorship, events, and more.


The Basement was developed in alignment with UC San Diego’s focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and change making. It is a program primarily aimed at undergraduate students, but also has opportunities and support graduate students, alumni, postdocs, faculty, staff and community members. The Basement was founded by UCSD alumni, Jeff and Kim Belk, Forecast Ventures, Aryeh Bourkoff, LionTree LLC, and Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures. Since the launch in 2015, it has seen a rapid growth in both program offerings and members.


After an application and judging process, Bifrost got accepted into the advanced program, the Accelerator Track! This means that Bifrost will be able to take full advantage of the resources provided by The Basement. This includes access to the facility, funding in cash, Amazon Web Server credits, legal advice, access to unique startup opportunities in San Diego, Mock Advisory Board meetings, event access, Hubspot marketing software, Mattermark data discovery and tracking, and mentoring.



We look forward to working with The Basement at UCSD!