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By Bifrost – Aug 11 2018

Bifrost is an online investment platform. We help people achieve their financial goals by connecting them to wealth managers who provide tailored portfolios. We also provide a space for wealth managers to practice their profession with full control over the portfolios they offer, promoting independence and providing an easily accessible client pool. 

Bifrost began in the late 2017 as the brainchild of seven students at the University of Glasgow. We shared an ambition to improve the financial world. Our diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise offered a unique opportunity to pool our talents into Bifrost.

We incorporated in May 2018, and shortly after, acquired mentors as we began development of our platform.

Founding Team:

Dino Ubatuba - CEO, Co-Founder

“After working as a wealth manager for twelve years, I came to Glasgow to study Business Economics to enhance my skills. I found at University of Glasgow a great environment to create and engage new technologies. While I worked in the wealth management, I noticed the three main adversities faced by wealth managers: scale, marketing, and digitization. Bifrost was created to address these problems, and we believe the wealth management industry can use Bifrost’s technology to enhance the relationship between investors and wealth managers in the digital world.” 

Lorenzo Berg - CFO, Co-Founder

“I think there is a big disconnect with the way asset managers work today, and what their clients really need. We rectify that gap by providing a space for managers to provide the best ideas and tailored investments to their clients, regardless of what a bank wants to sell to you.”  

Zoe Balek - COO, Co-Founder

“I am passionate about creative and disruptive technologies in the contemporary environment. I enjoy building new things and my multidisciplinary background provides me with a unique perspective on problem-solving. I believe that through merging human insight and tech foresight, Bifrost has the potential to disrupt the traditional wealth management industry.”  

Andreas Pogyatzis - CTO, Co-Founder

“My past experience in startups has motivated my enthusiasm for contributing to Bifrost’s success. Combining a strong technical background and my entrepreneurial knowledge I am committed to practically apply what I learned and lead Bifrost’s technical development to deliver innovative solutions that meet the criteria of the most demanding wealth managers and investors!”  

Viktor Torstenius - Business Analyst, Co-Founder

“I have always been drawn towards innovative technologies and creative solutions. As a Swede, I value Norse mythology and its history. Thus, when the company began forming and our mission became to connect individuals, to bridge the gap between the investors and wealth managers, Bifrost was the first name that came to me: the burning bridge that connects heaven and earth.”  

Nasser Qadri - Technology Developer, Co-Founder

“Technology has been a big part of my professional and academic life. I wanted to contribute to the nascent field of fintech, while also democratizing investment tools, making it possible for early investors to connect with experienced wealth managers.”  

Martina Löfqvist - Business Analyst, Co-Founder

“Technological innovations continue to revolutionize the way we work, live and relate to one another. It is as fascinating as it is mind boggling. But sometimes we forget that we are social creatures, in need of human interactions. Thus, with Bifrost our aim is to combine the two, which echoes my studies in computer science and past experiences with entrepreneurship. I’m curious to see how far we can go! ”  

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Risk Warning:  As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. It’s important you understand the risk before making investment decisions. Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns.